Who am I?

Here we go.  My very first assignment from Blogging University.  Tell folks who you are and what your blog is about.   I’ve been working on this for a while.  I sit down to get started on the assignment but then I look at what I’ve written and I wonder who the heck is going to read that and come back for more of the same.  Or I start looking at this question of “who am I” on an existential level.  Who am I, who is anyone?  Well I’ll tell you who I don’t want to be and that is a BU dropout.  I’m overthinking this assignment, I know that.  But I’m feeling a lot of pressure here because it seems to me that if I’m going to be a good blogger with blogs that are actually read then I figure my blog and I had better darn well be interesting, or why would anybody read it?  So here is something about me you may have already guessed, I tend to overthink things.  In fact my husband tells me that all the time, “You think too much”.  I always respond, “how can you think too much?”  Not a concept I can relate to…which brings me to the purpose of my foray into the blogging world.  I want to share some of my thoughts with others who, like me, think too much.  Exploring life lessons and, on a big picture level, that is the topic of my blogs.  I want to share some of the life lessons I’ve learned and learn from others life experience.  My life lessons are mainly centered around my fascination with the brain and the conscious/subconscious mind connection.  I will share more about myself and my life lessons in future blogs.  Until then, cheers!

Author: explorelifelessons

I live in Northern British Columbia. I have a degree from Royal Roads University and a counselling background. The conscious/subconscious mind and mind/body connections are topics that I have studied and researched extensively.

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