Developing a website

Well so here we are about 7 months into developing my website and blog.  Talk about life lessons! It seemed so simple, all the tools are there, support is available, I have used a computer for years, this is going to be a piece of cake I thought…well if the cake is one of those difficult recipes that take a really, really long time to make, and have strange exotic ingredients and test your patience over and over then, yes, so far its been a piece of cake.  Life lessons learned so far:

  1. developing a website is not easy for me even though I’ve used a computer for years
  2. there is a language to learn before you start, what is a “child page”? sounds like a place for crayon drawings…turns out its not.
  3. website development can lead to hysterics and long periods of time spent staring at the computer screen blankly.  That might just be me, I may do a survey on this topic later, after the hysterics pass.
  4. I suspect there are many more lessons to learn on website development so while I only have 4 lessons for now I have a feeling I will be adding to this one…until then.